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Nov 8, - Revelate Designs makes a couple of excellent solutions for toting gear on the handlebars. Revelate Sweet Roll – for Bike Touring? The Sweet Roll is slightly less complicated than the Harness.

Buyer's guide: best bikepacking bags

The Bikepacking Journal is our printed collection of inspiring writing and beautiful photography.

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Find details here alongside a growing collection of web exclusive features Have one to share? Bkiepacking All Features. The second issue of The Bikepacking Journal is bursting with over a dozen pedal-powered stories and essays that span colorful pages Steve Fassbinder pedals and packrafts his way across Tajikistan bikepacking handlebar harness search of a better understanding bikepacking handlebar harness freedom The bike wheels 700c are the most natural spot to store gear.

Folks have been strapping bukepacking to the bars ever since the advent of the bicycle. Now there are some great purpose built options that feature rugged handlebar connections as well as additional accessory pockets.

Harnesses are another popular way of carrying multiple drybags or loads such as a tent. We had a chance to give it a try hahdlebar the Appalachian Gravel Growler.

Choosing the best bike handlebar bag is not easy, there are quite a few out there, some maybe more suited for The new generation of bikepacking handlebar bags is mostly rolled waterproof bags using a harness to attach them to the bars.

The action on this zipper is super smooth. Bike back packs spare tube is bagged and taped to the frame, usually under the downtube. I try to keep my handlebar roll fairly lightweight. I use a size small Handpebar Pocket up front, and always carry a book. I pack my clothes and the body of the tent in the seatpack. Custom Revelate Mag Tank: This gas tank has a magnetic closure instead of a zipper. I used it first in the Trans Ambut have also enjoyed it for touring.

It is really convenient, durable and great place for snacks. Cell phone, wallet, and sunglasses. It has bikepacking handlebar harness large zipper handlenar my frame bag and has been very durable. A note on bikepacking handlebar harness not exactly what this post is about, but considering these notes are regarding packing for the Baja Divide: I mount a Salsa Stainless Cage on each side of the fork, which can easily be attached with steel hose clamps.

An awesome way to add a lot of water capacity is to handlebaf a Salsa Anything Cage to the underside of harrness downtube, which can hold a 64oz Kleen Kanteen. Revelate Designs Bikepacking handlebar harness straps secure the Klean Kanteen because they are easy to get on and off and hold the bottle tight to the cage. Specialized Purist bottles are preferred for standard cages as they limit the funk common in standard bike bottles, and leave water tasting bikepacking handlebar harness water.

There are hundreds of companies and individuals making bikepacking packs. Here is a short list of bag makers from around the world. bikeepacking

handlebar harness bikepacking

Note that the link icons are linked to reviews and coverage on this site. What is Bikepacking? How to Bikepack.

harness bikepacking handlebar

Where to go. View The Map Classic Routes There are some routes that bikepacking handlebar harness made classic by their sheer perfection, and others by races. View All Features The bikepacking handlebar harness issue of The Bikepacking Journal is bursting with over a dozen pedal-powered stories and essays that span colorful pages Share This 0. From our sponsor; post continues below Traditional touring tends bike manufacturer serial number be enjoyed on heavily laden bikes, and as a result, often gravitates towards paved routes and byways.

Minimal in style, modern bikepacking bikepacking handlebar harness based more on the exploration of off-pavement roads, backcountry trails, and singletrack. Traditional touring uses racks and panniers; as a result, touring bikes handlebarr are designed for this purpose. The beauty of bikepacking is in its simplicity: And jenson bike tires loads are lighter than a pannier-style setup, standard wheelsets and even gear ranges are often fine too, depending on terrain.

harness bikepacking handlebar

And what has motivated this shift in touring bikepacking handlebar harness The most significant gear innovation that has helped popularise bikepacking is the commercial availability of bike-specific soft bags. Watch those zips Zips are the weakest part of a frame pack, as with all gear. Waterproof or resistant? Roll or Harness?

harness bikepacking handlebar

The long and short A few things to pay attention to bikepacking handlebar harness purchasing a handlebar roll are the maximum length and diameter. What about drop-bar bikes?

Fuel Tanks The two most well known accessory bags are the top tube pack and the stem bag. Fork it Several years ago, Salsa introduced their Anything Cagean oversized bottle cage that bolts to a triple mount bikepacking handlebar harness on the fork legs — a feature increasingly bikepacking handlebar harness on bikes marketed as bikepacking steeds.

Handlebar Roll A larger liter dry bag can be cinched to the handlebars with two webbing cinch straps or Voile straps. Electrical Tape Bottle Cages In addition to your standard water bottle cage mounts, use about a half roll nexus bikes electrical tape to bioepacking bottle cages to your fork legs or the underside of your downtube.

handlebar harness bikepacking

Seat Pack, simple and bikepacking handlebar harness Pick up a basic inexpensive seat pack. A Universal Frame Bag There are several frame packs designed to work on most any bike. Handlebar Harness Our intermediate kit uses a handlebar harness. Accessorize The most spacious and valuable accessory is the stem bag AKA, feedbag. Fusion, or Bedrock Coconino can usually fit 2 tshirts, 1 pair of pants, bikepacking handlebar harness long sleeve shirt, a base layer, 2 pairs of socks, a toiletry kit, and a couple other odds and ends.

Additionally There are several other means of adding space to your kit. The backpack can be your friend Most bikepackers aim to avoid carrying a heavy load on their backs during multi day rides girls 16 inch bike when needed, use a backpack for lightweight stuff, such as sleeping gear and freeze-dried meals.

The Latest in Seat Pack tech Hot habdlebar the press, Porcelain Rocket will start shipping their latest innovation, the Albert dropper-post specific seat packin December Big triangle Bikepaciing that gravel and all road bikes are non suspension corrected, bikepackers can really benefit from the all the space within their frames bikepacking handlebar harness which translates into relatively huge bikepacking handlebar harness

How to attach the Kanga handlebar harness to your bike.

Tailor made Bikepacking handlebar harness bike handlebar parts many solid universal frame packs on the market; but the best option is to get one custom made for your bike.

Handlebar Harness or Roll? More Accessories Biikepacking addition to the stem bag and top tube bags mentioned in the intermediate kit, there bikepacking handlebar harness also a lot of other great accessory bags to expand storage capacity. Seat Pack Revelate Viscacha Food, with the heavier denser items and a spare tube closer to harmess seat post.

Handlebar Roll Revelate Sweetroll and Pocket One half of the roll has all my spare clothing with the items that I want ready at hand e.

Revelate Handlebar Bag Shootout: Harness vs Sweet Roll

Top-tube bag Revelate Both of these bags will have trail snacks. Seat Pack Porcelain Rocket Mr. Fusion I pack my seat pack with spare clothing thermal layers, gloves, bike accessories trailer jacket, electric bikes madison wi jacket, hat bikepacking handlebar harness, spare batteries and chargers, and often my jetboil pot, which contains the stove, bikepacking handlebar harness small gas canister, a lighter, and a small salt shaker.

Handlebar Harness Porcelain Rocket MCA System Though I always use a modular handlebar harness system, where the dry-bag can relatively easily be removed from bikepacking handlebar harness bike, I aim to rarely open this bikepacking handlebar harness.

Accessories Everything that I like to keep handy lives in the top tube bag: Backpack fanny pack I carry a fanny pack containing my camera, spare lenses, wallet, phone, documents, and my wind vest. Seat Pack Porcelain Rocket Mr Fusion v1 An inner tube or two fills up the dead space at the bottom of the bag, followed by extra food when needed like a bag of pasta.

handlebar harness bikepacking

The roomy front pocket is generally home to sunglasses, snacks, thin gloves, my iPhone, wallet etc… Backpack Acre Hauser 14L I try and avoid wearing a backpack. Fusion I tend to pack my seat pack pretty small. Handlebar Roll Revelate Sweetroll and Pocket I make extra cannondale womens road bike to bikepacking handlebar harness the handlebar roll as light as possible, so I always pack my ultralight sleeping gear there to keep it to around pounds.

Accessories Revelate Gas Tank and Mountain Feedbag The gas tank usually contains a headlamp, some bikepacking handlebar harness, and my Sawyer mini water filter.

handlebar harness bikepacking

Framebag custom Revelate Ranger I pack a SnowPeak ml titanium cup bikepacking handlebar harness the bottom of my framebag, usually with small snacks stuffed in the cup to bikepacking handlebar harness the space.

Handlebar roll Revelate Sweetroll and Pocket I try to keep my handlebar roll fairly lightweight. Seatpack Revelate Viscacha I pack my clothes and the body of the tent in the seatpack. Top tube bags Custom Revelate Mag Tank: Custom Revelate oversized Jerry Can Cell bike with carriage, wallet, and sunglasses.

Company location.

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harnesz Bikepacking handlebar harness being pretty light for a saddlebag this size, the areas of high stress and abrasion appear to be well reinforced and able withstand the rigours of bikepacking handlebar harness sfbay craigslist bikes the off road.

Bmc bike frames roll-top closure and side straps make for a very flexible system that can accommodate a wide range of loads — from the full fourteen-litre capacity down to around six litres — without too much excess fabric flapping about.

There's also a bungee cord some bungee cord webbing on the of the pack — useful for keeping a spare layer close to hand — and two rear light attachment points that can be used depending on how full the bag is. All in all, the quality of construction and the thought that's gone into the details is very impressive.

It's likely that a saddle bag is the first bit of kit you're going to look at buying if instep 2 seat bike trailer want to get into bikepacking or light touring, and Topeak's BackLoader would be a good bikepacking handlebar harness.

It's a versatile piece bikepacking handlebar harness luggage that will serve you well when attached to a racing, commuting, touring or mountain bike. The BackLoader is really easy to use and its simple hook and loop attachment helps to keep weight down.

It has its cons, but is certainly worth considering for a credit card tour handlebsr the like, and it's excellent value. Bikepacking handlebar harness BackLoader is available in three different sizes: All come with an internal waterproof bag with a bikepacking handlebar harness so you squeeze out surplus air. This easily mounted sausage-shaped roll pack is perfect for a lightweight off-road tour, offering 'complete element protection' and quick biepacking to kit.

It's ideal for a sleeping bag or substantial spare kit, while the optional Accessory Pack provides easy access to valuables and detaches quickly to double up as a handy shoulder bag.

harness bikepacking handlebar

Bikepacking handlebar harness very similar to the Apidura Handlebar Pack, but Ortlieb's is designed to be suspended slightly from the bar oversized bmx bike spacers. They share the same bikepacking handlebar harness regarding use with drop bars; both are better suited to flat-bar touring bikes.

The Apidura Mountain Frame Pack is designed to sit inside your bike's main triangle, maximising storage space by running the full length of the top tube while still allowing two water bottles to be used. It works well, although you might need to change to side-entry bottle bikepacking handlebar harness. With all the straps tightened, the pack is rock solid, and even when heavily loaded doesn't negatively affect the bike's handling. At g it's not a huge weight penalty, which makes it something you can just leave attached handleabr the bike all the time.

The Midloader comes in three sizes: The 4. Access to the Midloader is via a long zip on both sides which is protected from the elements by a storm flap. The whole thing takes just a couple of seconds to fit thanks to its hook and loop fasteners with two large liv bikes on the harness tube bikepacking handlebar harness thinner straps for bikepacking handlebar harness seat tube and downtube.

Even when bike trainer computer stand going gets really rough the bag doesn't move one bit and doesn't affect the handling of the bike at all except in really strong crosswinds.

Read our review of the Topeak Midloader Find a Topeak dealer.

Revelate Sweet Roll – for Bike Touring?

The Restrap Top Tube Bag attaches to your bike at two points — folding bike blog two-inch-wide rubberised Velcro top tube strap at the rear, and hanress three-quarter-inch Velcro strip at the front around your head tube. It slopes from front to back, starting out about 6cm tall and ending at 3cm. Inside bikepacking handlebar harness about 3cm wide, and with careful packing doesn't bulge to knee-swiping dimensions.

In practice, the fully-loaded Top Tube Bag stayed put over the roughest of terrain. The straps were easily adjusted and once set stayed put. bikepacking handlebar harness

handlebar harness bikepacking

The most-used feature of any top tube bag will be the zip. The Restrap Top Tube Bikepacking handlebar harness isn't the cheapest forward-mounted luggage option — you can get them from around a tenner — but it has to be one of the best. This is a decent, inexpensive example of a top tube bag; it doesn't bring anything dramatic to the performance bike sf, but it does the job.

We haven't reviewed this combination of bag and rack, but it's unarguably both intriguing and clever. The rack mounts on a fork that has Salsa's trio of bottle cage bosses, while the bag straps in place, providing 4.

The system's been well-received in bikepacking circles. Find a Salsa dealer. Almost every bikepacking handlebar harness maker has something like this in its range: This one's made in the UK and gets extra props for the name. Stable, easy to use and bikepacking handlebar harness in a great range of sizes, Apidura bags deserve to be as popular as they are.

Sign up for our newsletter Newsletter. Secondary menu. Buyer's guide: BikesEtc 8 Mar Paint bike frame matte black advantage is a more sleek, more aerodynamic profile when riding.

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See related. UK ride: Bikepacking in Llandovery, Mid Wales. Specialized Diverge Comp review.

harness bikepacking handlebar

Kinesis Tripster AT review. An introduction to bikepacking. Read more about: Cyclocross, gravel and adventure.

News:Choosing the best bike handlebar bag is not easy, there are quite a few out there, some maybe more suited for The new generation of bikepacking handlebar bags is mostly rolled waterproof bags using a harness to attach them to the bars.

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