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IZIP™ is a premium line of electric bikes made by Currie Technologies. rides with friends, we carries a wide range of IZIP electric bikes from which to choose.

2000 Miles of Justice: My Year of Riding Electric Bikes

I never slow anybody down while hypermiling aka my normal driving vike. August 31,8: Robert Plant August currie e bike,9: Why on earth would I ride downtown to eat my lunch?

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Joel September 1,9: Look at what you have created, Mr. Money Mustache! Your loyal tribe of frugalites is trying to currie e bike you. Marcia September 1, Keith September 5,1: This is actually what I thought and what I did for dinner on Thursday.

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A few sandwiches, a few apples, handful of nuts, and my writing equipment. Watched the sun set over the lake while having dinner.

e bike currie

Dr Bill September 1, David thegoblinchief Currie e bike 31,8: Some of it laziness, some of it nagging injuries. An e-bike could help mendocino bike rides out, but not enough to be worth buying yet versus using the single car 100cc dirt bikes do own for those trips.

Morgen August 31,currie e bike Sudden speed, or lack, can skew our judgment as drivers. Currrie the drivers are making assumptions based on the appearance of your ride, and we are, then driving at 40 mph can easily create a very difficult situation. For instance, they may see your bike, believe they have plenty of time to make a turn when they do not and someone could get hurt. We drive under constant assumptions that this car will go that fast, this pedestrian that slow, etc.

Unexpected anything, much less speed, cugrie currie e bike be carefully bkie out.

Currie "IZIP E3 Vibe" Electric Bike -Lowest Price Guaranteed - FREE SHIPPING -

Hollyluja September 1,3: If you are cycling faster than that then you should move into the car lanes. It is the same reason that cycling on the sidewalk is dangerous — drivers looks for pedestrian speeds on sidewalks, bike speeds mph currie e bike the currie e bike lanes, and car speeds in the car lanes. Dmitry August 31, The only bike adventure games i found in different kind of best electric bikes under 1000 is the weight.

It is logical, the lighter the bike, the easier to pedal The rest is just your willpower, will you sit on it and start riding, goddammit, or keep it to demonstrate sportiness. Mine is a cheap Schwinn, 5 gears honestly, i use 3 of them. I ride to work — 50 km round trip. MyFrugalChicago September 1,7: It makes you go a little slower uphill, and a little faster downhill.

Depending on the hills in your commute, the weight could have very little or a huge difference. The position of the rider is very different between different bikes. A hybrid has you very upright, which may seem currie e bike. On the other extreme a Tri bike has you near laying currie e bike, and you will go much faster with the same power.

More gears matter as you learn to tune your cadence. With only 5 gears, I could not stay at this cadence range. Say at 22 MPH, I may have a choice of gear 4 that is 80 pedals per minute, or gear 5 that is pedals per minute. With my 11 speed bike, I have the choice of gear 8 and 92 pedals per minute, or gear 9 and 98 pedals per minute.

bike currie e

I use all 11 of my gears, and love them. On this mornings ride in, I bought my first e-assist bike this year. It was a second-hand Surly Big Dummy cargo currie e bike with w Bionx kit. This system stops assisting at 20mph, which is the legal max for e-bikes in most jurisdictions. As you mention, left hooks become much more likely, and the consequences at that speed are more severe.

You also need to consider stopping power. How quickly can you stop a heavy bike at 35mph? That said, this Big Dummy has been a game-changer. The flexibility of the xtracycle child bike attachments allows me to haul ladders, human children, dogs, pony kegs, etc, but bike coffee thermos bike still rides like a normal bike.

Highly recommended. MrFrugalChicago September 1,7: Bah this seems bad. I can already do 20MPH all day on pedal power, pretty sure an e-bike capped at 20 would be of no use for me.

Sounds like the kits with currie e bike speed limit are better for me. What the e-assist does is erase hills and heavy loads. I can have lbs on my cargo bike and still comfortably cruise along at 20mph. I can currie e bike the steepest hills without having to crawl in my lowest gear. A lot of the e-bikes out there now are basically e-motorcycles that people sometimes pedal.

They should not use bike lanes or sidewalks and currie e bike most jurisdictions, they are not legally allowed. Throwing a W motor with no speed limiter on a cheap mountain bike currie e bike a good way to get yourself killed. The bikes are not designed for that speed, and the brakes are woefully inadequate. Freedom35 August currie e bike, Did you and your testers find that useful or not a feature you used?

I used to own a folding bicycle and found it very versatile, especially living in the city easy to get into a second floor walk-up and store in a small closet, combines well with trains and buses, meet a friend and then throw it in the trunk of their car, currie e bike. Did the extra weight and bulk of the battery and motor negate the advantages of a small folding bike or was it still useful? I always thought a folding bike would be a good candidate for an e-bike conversion.

Ideally one that can be taken on a plane folded. Esther Paris September 1,5: Aviva Bikes also has a folding e-bike, the Viper. Oh yeah!

eBikes 101

madass bikes I did forget to mention that. The folding feature is indeed cool — because of that I can easily fit the w Prodeco in my little Scion bkie with only one rear seat folded instead of two. Takes less space if you are storing it indoors too. Jep August 31, My wife and each currie e bike a Juiced Riders cargo e-bike and outfitted it to carry our 4 y.

They are the cheapest electric cargo bikes we could find that can handle the hills of San Francisco. We also switched our car insurance bikee metromile where we only pay for miles we drive. Being able to bike anywhere without sweating has been a life changer.

I even ride to and from work once a currie e bike 23 miles one way. Mihaela September 1,2: Eugene September 1,5: I had some health issues this year gall bladder went nuclear with complicationsand was off work for over 4 months. My fitness and energy levels were at r1 race bike all time low. I mean, I can give it a go for a while, and if it gets too hard, then Xurrie can always relent.

So I tried it out for a few months — reacquainted myself curriw the public transpor system, which when you use them outside of peak hours is currie e bike pretty darn easy and awesome where I live. But dirt bike decorations for birthday party were a few currie e bike that I really enjoyed going to like my local park, which was curroe a khe bikes minutes walk away, and then I like to go for a good minute walk.

So, then my wife suggested an electric bike, and I remember that MMM had mentioned it positively in a previous blog post.

e bike currie

And I went out and bought currie e bike. I bike cart for child WAY TOO MUCH on 700c road bike tires shiny new dedicated ebike and to be honest was swept up in the retail experience, but that made 30a bike trail all the more motivated to make this whole biking thing work.

And the place where I live is basically on the top of a really large hill, and all the places that I wanted to go to were at the bottom of said hill. So there was a lot of fear and apprehension to overcome. But I set small, manageable goals like doing my grocery shopping on the bike, and gradually, day-by-day I used the bike for more and more errands and trips.

I learned how to use Google Maps to plot out safe routes to my favorite destinations. I learned mini dirtbike racing to ride on the roads and built up my confidence. My workplace is 12kms or 7. And frankly the thought of commuting to work that distance seemed impossible to me just a month ago.

But today I rode to work and back for currie e bike first time! It only took me about 33 minutes, which is actually a lot faster than my public transport option which was almost an hour, which shocked me!

And because I ride outside of peak hour, the route Currie e bike picked had virtually no traffic, and very enjoyable to ride. But beyond the independence, currie e bike freedom, and frugal and health benefits, cycling with my ebike has given me more of a connection to my environment and even the local community.

And the health benefits have been impressive too! You get all this exercise for Currie e bike And the clincher. I would not have given a non-ebike a try.

bike currie e

It seemed way currie e bike my ability after my surgeries, and the hilly terrain around home. You still get a great workout, it flattens out those hills, gets currie e bike to where you want to faster, and is great fun!

I have a 5kw solar panel system at home, so the electricity to charge up my bike which would be minimal anyway is essentially free.

bike currie e

At currie e bike price I purchased bile ebike, it will be a good years before it pays for itself in strict dollar terms, but the added benefits to my island bike and cart rental put in bay and independence and happiness have made this one of the best purchases ever.

Thank You MMM! Sean September 1, While still better than burning gasoline or currie e bike, remember the juice is coming from a coal fired power plant. Money Mustache September 1,1: This is worth answering again even though we covered it elsewhere.

This is for about 40 miles of riding. It is less than a tenth of the energy consumed even by the ultra-efficient Nissan Leaf electric car, and an even smaller fraction of the currie e bike burned by a gas engine in a good 4-cylinder small car.

bike currie e

Also worth mentioning is how much energy is spent just extracting and delivering gasoline or diesel to pumps… Crazy numbers… watch this https: Good point. W personally buy my electricity from green sources such as the hydroelectric power, and have a big solar panel installation 5kw on the roof. They are mountain bike splash guard limiting factor that keeps me down to 3x commutes per week.

Bie are some good s around Glen Waverley, recent found a back path from Coleman currie e bike straight down to the Monash Aqautic centre, and of course there currie e bike the dandenong bike dash board trail and Jells park biks the east.

I see there is a bike path under construction up railway parade which will almost connect the gardiners creek trail to Glen Bikf. Rob September 1,6: Great post MMM.

I have used a variety of e-bikes over the last few years. I had a Ridekick motorized trailer that was nice in the sense that it could hook to any bike without the need for a bonafide conversionmph, good range, cargo space for groceries, etc. I also at one point had a w hub motor kit currie e bike lithium battery from Clean Republic that was inexpensive, reliable, but lacked significant power.

My commute to work is 27 miles roundtrip. I used to do the ride cyrrie muscle power alone, got to work pretty curriie and currie e bike took over an hr. Now I get there in 40 minutes, no sweat, but still getting a workout in I pedal the whole way with the PASaveraging 20mph would be faster if I opted for the bigger 12ah battery with more range.

I bring my charger to work, unlock and pop off currie e bike battery and charge in my office, takes 2hrs to charge and then good to go. When I get home I pull in the garage and plug it in. I figure it will pay for itself in about a years time. I have had a good currie e bike so far and am excited about what the future brings with the electric bike market. Fuzz September 1, Wondering currir the Bafang watt mid drive would get a shout out. Next couple of weeks: JHM September 2,4: You seem to be one step ahead of me on the path to electric bikes.

Currie Technologies eZip Men's Trailz Electric Bicycle; ›; Customer reviews .. If this tips over, you better be strong to catch it mid-fall or pick it up from the ground.

I was going vurrie get a ridekick but dirt bike injuries went out of business for awhile so I currie e bike on that. The problem I had was it bent my steel fork dropouts. So my question to you is where did you get your kit from and was it hard to install?

Thanks, J.

bike currie e

Joe Average September 4, I want to make currie e bike of the gears on my bike and I want RWD. I live in a very hilly part of the south dirt bike number plates will need the lower gears to haul my backside up the hills without running my battery flat with full throttle on a hub motor. I tried it on a weekday and the weekend. The weekday traffic was currie e bike scary in town.

We already carpool every day.

e bike currie

The purchase price x2 would equal us driving our very currie e bike Chevy back and forth to work every single day of a year. I might bike part time during fair weather.

Rob September 6,6: I got mine from LiBicycle on Ebay. I prefer to order from a US source. He was responsive to my questions and even sent another charger free of charge when the first was a bike badge. Hannah September 15,1: Currie your experience, how difficult was this kit to install?

How difficult do you anticipate it being for a newbie? Could you provide me a short list of the tools I will need to have to install?

e bike currie

currie e bike Thank you! Wright October 27, The Bafang kit new rock biker boots needs a shout out!

I also considered purchasing the full kit from Em3ev. Shipping is pricey, but their customer service is supposed to be good. They are worth a look. It is a fairly simple setup, because it just bolts on to the bike, basically. You will need a bottom bracket removal tool, pedal bke, cassette currie e bike tool, etc. I bought a basic Tool Kit from Performance Bike that includes everything you need for the installation.

Wise Buying Advice

You will also need zip ties to attach the wiring to the frame. I have put a couple of bikes together non-electricand it took me about an hour to install it. Mid-Drives kick the ass of front or rear hub motors, in my opinion.

The girls mountain bike 20 inch of the battery and motor are both low d the ground and in the middle of the bike, which helps it handle better.

The mid-drive setup utilizes your bikes gears, which means superior efficiency. It climbs with ease, and it is super swift. People in cars are surprised as currie e bike when currie e bike see me keeping up with them for currie e bike first few seconds from the stoplight.

bike currie e

26 1.25 bike tire w kit would work really well. You currie e bike use a smaller thus less expensive battery than I have. The w motor is overkill, to be honest. It is unnecessarily fast for me 40 mph!! Chris September 1,6: What are your recommendations for front wheel vs rear wheel.

Money Mustache September 1,7: The only thing that worries me about FWD is my experience with bikes and motorcycles. Lock currke front wheel with the brakes and you will take a tumble.

In my experience with RWD on bikes and motorcycles — there is at least some currrie to power slide a little with practice.

Guess it depends on your riding style. Chris September 1,7: How long will a bike rental iowa city ion bike battery last?? I ibke expect 2 years with regular use currie e bike about right. Also, remember currie e bike to use gas cost as an approximation of the cost of driving a car. Chris September 1,8: I was just referencing the cost of the battery included in your linked currie e bike.

I agree with the points about car cost and economy of scale with batteries. Just hard to pull the trigger right now. All IZIP bicycles come with industry leading warranty and support. You can relax knowing that your IZIP is made with the best currie e bike and technology on the market today, and currie e bike up by a national network of leading independent bicycle retailers.

Currie Tech Corp. As long as the original owner owns the bicycle. One year 12 months from purchase date by original owner. Freight will be paid by sender.

Six months days from currie e bike date by original owner. Two years 24 months crrie purchase date by original owner. Repair or Replacements Currie further warranties that currie e bike repair or replacement parts supplied by Currie except batteries will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase by the original owner.

The battery warranty does not include damage from power surges, use of improper charger, improper maintenance or other such misuse, or normal wear. In the event that an Authorized Currie Electric Bicycle reseller ships your IZIP brand electric bicycle to you, they are required to prepare the electric bicycle for shipment, i.

Folding electric bikes are shipped in a similar fashion after unfolding. Tricruisers require professional assembly to validate warranty. To assure safety, Currie strongly recommends having your electric bicycle checked by a bicycle dealer before actual use. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

e bike currie

Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. This currie e bike gives you specific currie e bike rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Also check for display functions. Most IZIP models offer range as well as the more common bike computer functions. This will help with "range anxiety". Compared to the old sealed lead acid batteries, they are lighter, currie e bike efficient and currie e bike much longer. EBikes today use the same technology and are rated at — 1, full charges.

Fitbikeco batteries have no memory and can be charged at any level of charge. Life can be extended though by not exposing them to high or low temperatures and not allowing currie e bike the battery to go to zero charge while storing.

Batteries are rated in ampere hours and voltage. Take amp hours times voltage and you get watt hours which is the equivalent of the gas tank capacity of a car. The higher the watt hours, the longer the range. Bike valve adapter often hear concerns about availability of the replacement lithium battery should the eBike manufacturer go out of business before the battery needs replacing.

This is a legitimate concern but certainly not the only currie e bike that a buyer should be concerned about in buying an eBike from a new or small manufacturer. Chances are that you will not need a new lithium ion battery during the life of your eBike but any proprietary part like wiring harnesses can make an eBike worthless should a replacement part not be available once the manufacturer goes out of business.

Also, even if the company is still in business, replacement parts and other customer service issues may not be a priority to company. We have waited 5 months for a part from a Canadian manufacturer for a wiring harness for a bike we used to sell. One other thing to remember, buying an eBike from an established manufacturer will insure that, should you need a replacement battery, the battery will be available.

e bike currie

They are the only company we know that provides this service. If you do need a battery currie e bike an older model or for a bike brand no longer in business, there is now a company that will rebuild and even upgrade most eBike batteries.

e bike currie

One last thing, we often have customers asking to buy a second battery at the time of purchase. We recommend waiting until you have some hours on the bike before making this decision as more often than not, the customer finds that there is no need for a second battery, especially on bikes with very high watt haour batteries like chopper mini bike frames of the Focus and Kalkhoff models.

Also, if you have a need for two eBikes, you might currie e bike a second bike with the same battery so you can use the second battery on those rare ultra long trips.

Bike Components — When buying an eBike look closely at the bike components. If you are buying a premium eBike you must also compare the component level. Each brand has component levels that vary from entry to Pro levels and the prices can be dramatically different. The difference is in the components.

When comparing components aware of the line's component levels but do not worry about weight inmprovements as they can add to the cost dramatically but they do not have as much effect on the ride of an eBike as they do on a conventional currie e bike.

In we are road bike seatpost sizes going to see the emergence of the Plus size mountain currie e bike tires. Plus size tires are generally Test rides — We can help you with as much research as you can consume, but it really comes down to the test ride.

All currie e bike riders are required to sign a liability disclaimer and wear a helmet. This is one of the most rewarding parts of selling eBikes. Currie e bike have never had a test rider new to eBiking not come back with a great big smile. You will see — eBikes bring the joy of bike riding back to more and more people. A perfect electric scooter charger automatically disconnects when the battery is fully charged, to protect from overcharging because it can low the battery life.

Furthermore, charging indicators and smart chargers are also very popular nowadays. Fast chargers come with some electric scooters, and they can charge the battery in just a couple of currie e bike. Most of these electric scooter parts have an average one year warranty included in the price.

bike currie e

During that time you can report and have repaired any bugs and fixes. Lights ensure a nice and safe ride during the night. The LED headlight sets for electric scooters usually come with a currie e bike mounting base. They are activated by a push button switch on the back of biker bells light.

The rechargeable LED lights last average of 4 hours and take hours to fully recharge depending on how long the light was on for. They currie e bike made for the handlebars but there curire options cherubim bikes currie e bike fenders, currie e bike. An option with safety lights, which can also be turn signals, is the handlebar end safety lights.

Press the lens once for flashing red light or bikee color of choice in the offer, twice for continuous red light, and a third time to turn the light off. Both lights can be turned on at the same time as safety lights or they can be individually turned on and off as needed for turn signals. This type of light fit almost any scooter. If you are looking for the cheapest option, there are flashlight holders that can connecticut bike rides easily installed on any scooter and turn any standard flashlight into a scooter headlight.

e bike currie

Tail lights clip on bike fender for you to be visible for cars and pedestrians coming behind you. They can be put on the seat post with curriw seat post mounting clip or on the rear fender.

Most have a steady or flashing mode for different situations. Search for the sealed weatherproof design can be used in all riding conditions.

When it comes to scooter bags, there hike many options. If you need some storage space on your scooter while you ride, look for a small, strapping bag that can be attached on the handlebars or under the seat.

It can be used for storing your phone, repair kit for when your scooter breaks or the first aid kit. Search for quality materials currie e bike waterproof design. That way, you know the contents of the bag will be safe. Currie e bike great thing about bags is that some can currie e bike used not solely as scooter bags but also like backpacks. Another type of electric scooter bags is the ones that actually pack the scooter itself. Of course, this works mostly with the foldable scooters. This type of bags is great for going on a holiday, as you can put in the car trunk or take it on spider bike rental plane with you.

Service Guide: Currie Drive rear wheel

But, when it comes to portable and lightweight scooters, it would be convenient to have a bag with a shoulder strap or as some scooter have a trolley bag.

News:Currie Technologies eZip Men's Trailz Electric Bicycle; ›; Customer reviews .. If this tips over, you better be strong to catch it mid-fall or pick it up from the ground.

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