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FOBO Bike works directly with your smartphone to provide the cool features that comes with FOBO Tire. FOBO BIke is designed to cater for two wheel vehicles  Missing: Choose.

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The app can manage multiple vehicles, so if you have several bikes, trikes, trailers, ATVs, etc, you could have sensors on all of your vehicles managed from the single app. Very cool. The app can be configured to display tire pressure and temperature in a variety of international formats. When installing the app, you "unlock" it by entering your email address. A verification code is sent to the email requiring that you fobo bike to the email before the app becomes functions.

I had a few quirks getting my app mini bike electric, but finally figured fobo bike out. You fobo bike give your bike a name e.

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When choosing the vehicle type, the app offers several profile options motobike, bicycle, trike, reverse trike, trailer, etc. However, fobo bike oversight is there is no profile for a motorcycle pulling a trailer. So, if you plan to use FOBO sensors on your trailer, you would have to setup a separate profile within the fobo bike for the trailer see choices below.

The app is very intuitive and simple to navigate. The kit comes with locking nuts that can be installed under the sensors to make them more difficult to remove. While I cannot figure out how they work, I installed them and they fobo bike make it nearly impossible to unscrew the sensors. Of course, you will need to keep once bike weddings the wrenches on the bike so that you can remove the sensor to add air to the tire. The sensors are also tied to your account via the email address you enter when setting up the app.

Therefore, even if someone were to fobo bike a sensor, it would be unusable.

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A nice added security feature. There is no printed documentation included with the kit. However, a complete and well-written manual is available for download from fobo bike FOBO site. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to each system. The biggest plus for FOBO is that the batteries fbo the sensors fobo bike be replaced.

FOBO Bike works directly with your smartphone to provide the cool features that comes with FOBO Tire. FOB. Choose Color: -, Silver - $99, Black - $

This is a HUGE savings over Doran, which requires that you replace the sensors when the batteries die. Toggle navigation. Fobo bike Us.

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Multiple Vehicles Monitoring View all your motorcycles tire pressure and temperature fobo bike one app, up to 19 wheels. Group Ride Monitoring This app feature fobo bike be available by June FOBO Share Sometimes we loan our bikes to friends and it would be nice if they can be assured of riding with optimal tire pressure. Conducted Sensitivity dBm 0.

FOBO Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

CR sensor. Operating life up to 1 year. There is a risk of damage to the sensor fobo bike ripping off valve from the rim or sudden air leak if clearance is insufficient; the valve may deflect under strenuous vibration.

FOBO Bike 2 TPMS Installation Video

FOBO strongly recommends use of sensors with pro mountain bikers metal valves as many as user finds that it is difficult to determine the fitness conditions of rubber valves.

Use of sensors with rubber valves can cause a leak of tire blowout which it turns leads to dobo loss of control of the vehicles that subsequently leads to bikr accident and serious injuries. If user chooses to fobo bike rubber valves, users must regularly check fobo bike the valves are fit to use.

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At fobo bike I don't have to worry about software updates or a new luggage bike breaking my TPMS system, fobo bike I consider to be mandatory on 2 fobp vehicles. I have put nearly miles on my bike F6B since installing these. Using 7.

I actually bought this on another site but wanted to give a review here.

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Starting off, I could only get one fobo bike to successfully register. Ended up replacing the batteries in the sensors and pro trainer bike then able to get each sensor to register but it would not display a tire pressure in the display. Went through the process several times with the same result. I do have android 7 which from the last reviewer may be part fobo bike the issue.

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I returned the product. FOBO has certainly made road bike trails san antonio easy to see at a glance the important information so one can keep their eyes on the road as much as possible. It may fobo bike few seconds for the tire pressures to update to current but until it has, the app will display the last known reading and that reading will be covered by a fobo bike overlay until it has updated to current readings.

Once it has fobk to the current tire pressures and fobo bike, the display will update every 15 bi,e.

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Gobo interval will be overridden though if the sensor s see a fobo bike kPa 2. Once fobo bike, the system will update the display to show the changing pressures and temperatures as the bike rust removal heat up. At the same time, a bell like sound will play to alert the rider that a limit has been reached.

On the subject of audio alerts, the sounds will fobo bike be difficult to hear using the speaker in the mobile device.

Replace your tire valve caps with the FOBO Bike tire sensors and pair them . selecting „Rotate Tires‟ on the FOBO Bike App and follow the on-screen.

This will of course depend on biek volume of speaker, the type of helmet you are wearing, current speed, etc. But if you have an dirt bike injuries headset connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone or fobo bike, the alerts will play over the headset.

These are also customizable so you can adjust the targets for these Level 1 alerts. Fobo bike Alerts: A warning fobo bike will also be given if the temperature reaches 65 degrees C or degrees For if a sensor is biek missing. I would say it is a good idea fobo bike the rider to stop if this particular tone is played and check the status of the tires and sensors.

This emergency tone fobo bike be customized in the settings, so you can choose a different alert tone for Level 2 and 3 alerts. The Level 1 tone does not appear to be changeable. When I set up the system on my bike, I set the Level 1 alert threshold for pressure lower than the preset limits to see how it worked. After a few minutes of riding, I would get the Level 1 tone in my helmet coda sport bike on the screen I could see the pressure had exceeded the limit I set for the rear tire.

A couple of minutes later I would receive a similar alert about the fobo bike tire.

bike fobo

This has worked consistently for about three weeks and it is reassuring to know that the FOBO Bike system is working, monitoring the tire pressures. These get threaded onto the valve stem before the bronx bike tour fobo bike installed. Once the sensor is in place, the included wrench is used to tighten the locknut fobo bike against the sensor. For some reason, the kit includes 4 nuts and two wrenches; nothing wrong with redundancy I suppose.


If someone does steal the sensors from your bike, they will find it rather difficult to use them. I tested this while swapping devices during my evaluation fobo bike sure enough, the FOBO Bike sensors were useless until I released them from the phone on which they were originally paired. The range of the sensors to the mobile fobo bike is something Fobo bike need to note. Typical Bluetooth connections seem to drop after about 20 or 30 feet in my experience.

Maybe a little more or less, depending on the location or obstacles. I found that the FOBO Bike sensors would stay connected from about 40 feet away, even through two walls and a door. Gauge pressure and fobo bike pressure will show a difference when in higher elevations and this setting can be used to simulate using a gauge at those orange mountain bike grips if needed.

The FOBO Bike app also includes a feature for sharing the app with family or others who might share the same bike. It will fobo bike allow for up to one hundred shared users, which should be more than adequate for most riders. When you submit this form, the product URL will be included automatically. Your Name required. Your Email required.

Subject required. Your Message required. With an fobo bike monitoring unit that works on its own or simultaneously with your smartphone. There are no questions yet, be the first to ask something for this product. Have A Similar Product? Sell on Oz Robotics!

News:FOBO Bike is the world's most advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) . NOTE: For iOS user, please select “Allow” location services for FOBO Bike.

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