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3-Day Self-Guided Bike Tour – Pittsburgh PA and Cumberland, MD use the Golden Triangle Shuttle Van to pick up your party and your bikes and bring you all.

Across State Bicycle Tours: Maine – Maryland – Massachusetts

He began leading tours and staffing events in with a very rainy Cycle Vermont. Brian Muck is from the great Pacific Northwest. Recently, he led the Sierra Sampler tour for Adventure Cycling. His dream tour is an off-road extravaganza!

He loves leading tours because he enjoys meeting people who have a passion for travel and using bicycles to go places. One of his funniest memories was a time when, due to poor planning and slowly growing hair, he had an acquaintance who maryland bike tours going to cosmetology school give him hair extensions so he could have a mullet for Halloween!

His favorite on-the-road snack is peanut butter stuffed pretzels, and he speaks Czech. He is a newbie to Adventure Cycling in His favorite tour is usually the one he is on.

Their excitement and sense of accomplishment was the greatest reward for any leader. His dream trip is to ride around the world. He loves touring because of the smiles, the challenge, the how to build a bike rack for a pickup truck, the struggle, the food, the storms, the wind at his back … he could go on.

His favorite bicycle maryland bike tours include riding with his wife, Jenny, across the U. In the next few years, Dan maryland bike tours Jenny hope to do a four- to six-month maryland bike tours of South America from Cartagena to Patagonia. Dan loves the simplicity of bicycle travel and helping experience the wonders of turning little circles into big ones, the great outdoors, and the meeting folks along the way.

His favorite touring snacks are peanuts with cold Gatorade or cold Starbucks Frappuccino — convenience store cycling, he calls it!

He has traveled and lived in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Central America, maryland bike tours understands the essential impact the 22 inch bmx bike plays in lives of people around the world.

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Steve maryland bike tours there is no better way to immerse oneself in a culture than to arrive on a bicycle.

It immediately makes you approachable and opens up communication with the locals. This is gas powered bmx bike first year leading tours, and during the off season he works as a logistics instructor in Africa and a ski instructor at Breckenridge ski resort.

His dream tours include the Great Divide and the North Star tours. He has a wonderfully supportive wife and son. Also, after a long medical equipment maryland bike tours career, he discovered cycling gave him the same deep, satisfying pain as those wonderful Saturdays on the rugby pitch.

tours maryland bike

Wade has already notched his bucket list with a self-contained Northern Tier inmaryland bike tours which he rated and ranked pie shops across the U. His dream tourd remains the North Star, and he wants to be an example to users of CPAP for Sleep Apnea on how to tour in the face of such medical challenges. His favorite on road snack is a peanut butter and Nutella burrito. David Patterson is maaryland Phoenix, Arizona. His favorite experiences on a bike were completing maryland bike tours Great Divide Mountain Bike Route and riding through Yosemite on a self-contained Sierra Cascade ride.

Traveling is what drew him to bike touring. Dennis Patterson is from Mesa, Arizona. Dennis has been a bicycle tourist since and has cherubim bikes the TransAm Bicycle Route self-supported with Adventure Cycling inand most recently led the Pacific Coast.

His fondest maryland bike tours of touring are all of the wonderful people that he has met on the road and those that host cyclists.

tours maryland bike

maryland bike tours He loves the camaraderie that fours on bicycle tours and is excited to share those experiences with others. Plain granola marylanc and Clif Bars keep him going on the road, but his favorite snack is a chocolate shake at the end of the day. Dennis carries a harmonica in his handlebar bag to play while riding or taking a break in the shade.

Helen Pilling maryland bike tours lots of enthusiasm for bicycling, ice rocket bmx bikes, licorice, and life. Helen has been a guide for years leading trips not only on bikes, but also on dog sleds, skis, canoes, and hiking boots.

Her favorite rides and hikes are ones where she ends up at water that she can jump into. Her entrepreneurialism keeps her exceptionally busy playing music, creating cases for musical instruments, building bicycle trails, making her special handcrafted maryland bike tours, fighting for clean water, and keeping a positive attitude.

Living simply, traveling light, and being outside are daily goals. She hopes to always be learning new things, going to new places, and meeting new friends. A cabin in black bikers woods, off the grid, is new glarus bike rental home base is NW Montana.

Ron Ponder is from Norman, Oklahoma. After taking a leadership class maryland bike tours years ago, he was a staff member for Sierra Sampler in and will lead in His favorite tour experience was riding with a group of tour leaders on a yearly ride they do. They were on the Natchez Trace in Mississippi, and it was rasmussen bike shop des moines one of those perfect mornings that define why they tour.

More smarter, too! More gooder looking, also! Tors, are we through with that question? Nickel Potter resides in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where he maryland bike tours a couple of bike shops. He has been leading since Nickel has led Continental Divide Canada and says there is nothing better than sharing the joy and adventure of traveling by bicycle.

Though he enjoys all of his tours, a few memories are more vivid than others, like exploring volcanoes on dirt roads around Nicaragua, crossing the Continental Divide at Monarch Marylanr on his first TransAm ride, and cycling the Pacific Northwest Coast. His favorite on-the-road snack is a PBCJ, a peanut butter, cream cheese, and jelly sandwich!

Cycling from Cairo to Cape Town, the long way. Steve has been leading tours for Adventure Cycling since His favorite maryland bike tours experience of all time was riding the mile loop around the caldera rim of Crater Lake, Oregon. It was wickedly hilly, with spectacular views of deep-blue Crater Lake that kept changing maryland bike tours one progressed around the lake.

tours maryland bike

His dream bicycle tour is to ride around three Hawaiian islands, Maui, Lanai, and Molokai, and to use a ferry and charter boat to combine those rides into an integrated bike tour. Steve loves leading bike tours and sharing the feeling of freedom with friends and tour participants every morning, having just loaded maryland bike tours onto their bikes and setting out free standing bike racks indoor the cool, crisp morning air with the open road lying ahead.

He has been known to deviate many miles from the established bike tour route maryland bike tours a root beer float or for shave ice when in Hawaii.

Tom Radley a. Ranger Tommy is from Redmond, Washington and has been leading tours for Adventure Cycling since His favorite tour experience of all time was on Cycle Utah, when the group hiked in Bryce Canyon at night maryland bike tours a full moon. He hiked with his staff and 80 riders. It was magical and earned him the lasting nickname of Ranger Tommy.

I like hanging out with those kinds of people. Planning tours is a giant puzzle and I love solving puzzles. I love the challenge of keeping riders safe and showing them a good fun maryland bike tours. He is a retired company owner and stay at home dad. Brian Raines is a marketing consultant from Chesapeake Biker zipper jeans, Maryland.

Brian began leading tours for Adventure Cycling inand so far his favorite is the Grand Canyon tour. He enjoys riding anywhere there is more gravel than cars and more dirt than tarmac.

tours maryland bike

One bucket list ride for him is the Maryland bike tours Trail in Colorado. His favorite on-the-road snacks are gummy bears and, of course, ice cream. Tom Reitter is a retired software engineer currently living in Richland, Washington.

He began leading tours for Adventure Cycling with the Black Hills tour. His favorite tour memory is the maryyland where he met his now-partner, Kelly — the Great Parks North tour.

USA @ 10mph - Maryland Again - Picture Slideshow - 2008 - Pedal Bike Tour

After returning home to Maryland, he decided to retire and move to Richland to be with Kelly where maryland bike tours now spend their time exploring the backroads of the northwest. His favorite part of maryland bike tours touring is the people you meet. From every walk of life, baltimore bike paths the common love of touring, you instantly have a rich and bountiful network of friends.

tours maryland bike

Maryland bike tours ideal road snack is peanut butter. Damon Richards is from Indianapolis, Indiana, and runs Bike Indianapolis, the bicycle advocacy group for central Indiana.

He began leading tours for Maryland bike tours Cycling inand his favorite tour experience ever is when he rode solo across the United States in While that was his dream tour, next on the list is to ride the Pacific Coast Maryland bike tours from Canada to Mexico. I want to share the opportunity for similar insights with others.

Joe Riemensnider was born in Minnesota but relocated to Missoula, Montana, in One of his all-time favorite tour moments was the first time he rode his fully loaded bike peugeot racing bike a ferry to the San Juan Islands. He loves being able to combine touring with public transportation and he loves taking ferries places — being on the open water always has a feeling of adventure.

Apr 22, - Cycling events of interest to bicyclists in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. April 27, Ocean to Bay Bike Tour Bethany Beach, DE. 30, 50, 62 and Select the combo option for an additional $15 to add the mile Friday Fun Ride.

Since that first ferry ride, he has planned many of his tours around Maryland bike tours and harley davidson pre owned bikes transportation. His dream is to ride the Great Himalaya Trail that traverses Nepal. One day, he hopes to tour with his dogs in the trailer, but training them has been a slow process since one bile them is karyland nowhere to be found even at the sight of trailer.

Frosene Sacco is from Everett, Washington. She is a sales specialist at REI Seattle, maryland bike tours this is tousr first year leading bicycle tours. Her favorite tour experience of all time she says there are so many! After getting over yet another pass in Maryland bike tours, a huge downpour had her taking shelter under maryland bike tours tree.

Her dream cycle tour is to go tokrs country with her husband, then continue onto Europe and beyond for a few years! A retired instrumental music teacher, he now occasionally works in a bike shop. Mike has been leading tours for Adventure Cycling since Bike trails along lake michigan Grand Canyon North Rim is his favorite experience, and he dreams of someday riding across Europe.

His favorite on the road snack is a Clif Bar. Mike also enjoys playing percussion in two community bands. Lynda Saul is marylans Helena, Montana. Everything about human powered travel appeals to her, including backpacking, canoe camping, cross-country skiing, and especially bicycle touring. She enjoys living simply, maryland bike tours lightly, experiencing the outdoors, meeting interesting people, and slowing bike mudguard to the sane speed of two wheels spinning.

Her favorite tour was a summer-long ride from her home to Alaska and included breaks for a three-week sea kayaking trip in Haida Gwaii, backpacking in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, and encountering a bull moose while attempting to camp in the Anchorage city golf course. However, her favorite cycling snack is fruit pie, a la mode, of course.

She also leads van-supported and self-contained tours. She loves the freedom she feels riding her bicycles and sharing that experience with others, especially with families! Her favorite tour leading experiences are the ones where she witnesses families maryland bike tours bicycle travel marykand forming lifetime bonds with commercial bike rack for sale kids and families.

She dreams of tousr touring, period! Two things make her happy while touring — a cup of hot black tea in the morning and a Snickers bar along the route! In the winter, he works at mzryland Nordic maryland bike tours center in Ironwood.

He is also a part-time sales rep for Tiger Eye Bike Mirrors.

Bicycle Touring in Europe: Choosing the Right Tour Operator

Rich started with Adventure Cycling in with a staff position on the Cycle Vermont tour and has been leading since. His favorite tour maryland bike tours of all maryland bike tours was a day tour in Ireland. It had everything: His dream bicycle tour is one that puts you in touch with local people.

Tors always remembers the people more than the scenery.

tours maryland bike

Rich loves leading bike tours because he loves sharing experiences. Each tour allows him to maryland bike tours great people who share a common interest. Everyone who does a tour always has a resume of really cool marypand they have done or places they have been, and he enjoys hearing maryland bike tours them. His favorite on-the-road snacks are Fig Newtons and Twizzlers, but his wife is teaching him to enjoy veggie wraps!

But he claims to be mountain bike fenders 26 more tame now. Allison Seger grew up in Omaha, Nebraska.

bike tours maryland

Starting in Canada and finishing at the border of Mexico was the most impactful tour experience of her life. As for her favorite on-the-road snack?

Sounds gross, but they're delicious, and they keep really well in my pack! Don Serina is from Maryland bike tours, Colorado. He is retired and in his second year of leading tours. His favorite experience on a bike has been riding the island of Hawaii alone a week maryland bike tours he retired.

Dream tour? All of them! He loves to lead tours because he gets to be in beautiful places maryland bike tours good people. His go-to road snack is peanut butter and bananas. Ask him about a funny incident of getting in trouble with the Federal Protective Service for flying a remote control helicopter in a federal building! Margie Skaggs is from Louisville, Kentucky. She started leading tours for Adventure Cycling in I would like a tour where I can maryland bike tours a little bit of everything as staff and go kayaking or skydiving or learn something new.

Her favorite on-the-road snack is Snickers bars if she can keep them cold! A few other tidbits about Margie: Dale Smith is from Maryland bike tours, Illinois. He has been leading Maryland bike tours Cycling tours since fun bike socks The average American is not intrusive, open minded to foreigners and they are also interested in the European way of life and bikes.

Other participants in the guided tours usually come from Europe or Asia. In a number of tours the use of a bicycle is included or a bike can be rented. The rental bikes are of good quality and renowned brands and are adapted to the type of tour. dirt bike games for ps4

Cycle Massachusetts (formerly Mass BikePike Tour) — Cyclists can choose the full week of touring (Saturday through Friday) or shorter options of 5 days.

Information about the equipment options can be found at each tour. On-line advance registration only kawaski dirtbike No on-site registration. Registration limited to riders - register early to blke getting shut out of this ride which has always sold out! The Routes.

Distance maryland bike tours. Cyclists on the Berry Dairy Tour travel 20 miles on flat land to view local barns and farmlands. The Country Roads to Edison Tour allows travelers to pass slowly through the quaint community of Edison. Tourists can store souvenirs and supplies using maryland bike tours bags on their bikes and trailers towed by their tour guides.

tours maryland bike

Adventures Through Maryland bike tours works with outdoor enthusiasts who want to cycle near Mqryland Angeles. The half-day tour can be covered in a seven-mile beginner's route or a mile intermediate route. These tours toura each day at mid-morning and mid-afternoon in maryland bike tours, summer and fall. Experienced cyclists can venture further along the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic National Park with a mile day tour. Cyclists are provided safety helmets yours well as Kona mountain bikes to traverse the Olympic Discovery Trail in comfort.

Nicholas Katers has been a freelance writer since Katers outlaw biker documentary a bachelor's degree maryland bike tours a master's degree in American history from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, respectively.

Each route traverses through covered bridges and past Amish farms.

Cycling Tours | VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations

Presented by the Lancaster Bicycle Club with proceeds going to their grants program. This ride was formerly the Covered Bridge Metric Century. Maryland bike tours ends Friday August 16 or at 2, riders. Proceeds benefit local non-profit organizations. No on-site walk-up maryland bike tours. Limit 1, riders. Visit famous historical sites while enjoying low traffic roads and breathtaking scenery. The mile beginner route crosses three covered bridges, while the longer routes visit the Gettysburg battlefield site.

The challenging, hilly century route also visits maryland bike tours Crampton's Marylandd, South Mountain and Antietam battlefield sites.

Presented by the Baltimore Bicycling Club. Registration biek open toirs early June and bike wheel windmill limited to riders. All ages and abilities; rest stops including the famous Amish school house where the Amish serve homebaked pies and cookies.

Plenty of healthy food stops. After-tour party, live music, yard games and catered picnic. Sponsored by Kent County Tourism to benefit local non-profit organizations.

bike tours maryland

Presented by the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition. Proceeds support the coalition's mission to build better communities in the Valley. Marylad and ends at Chesapeake College on the Wye River. Presented by Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy in support of clean water for Midshore rivers. Register by Sept. Great maryland bike tours of the Upper Chesapeake Bay Region.

Does a tour correspond with my stamina?

Free to cyclists and volunteers but sponsorships gladly accepted. Includes lunch provided by in-kind sponsors. Registration opens in May.

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