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terminus at the trail's highest point in Whitetop Station near the North Carolina state line. The Virginia Creeper Trail Bike Shop in Abingdon provides shuttle service to any but if you decide to go all the way to D.C. you'll need eight to twelve days. The New River Trail runs 56 miles down from Pulaski to Galax through.

New River Trail State Park – Galax, VA – Pizza, Beer and Biking!

It may be rented all day 8 a. Call PARK to reserve this shelter. Parking fees are not included in shelter or amphitheater rental see above for details. Shelter 2: New river bike trail nc enclosed shelter accommodates up to No vehicular access - a short hike is required to reach it.

Vehicles must be parked at the Depot or amphitheater. Call to rent. Rental does bmx mongoose bikes include the daily parking fee.

Cancellation policy for amphitheater and shelter: Daymak electric bike refunds within 14 days before reserved date. Before then, there's a cancellation fee. Transfers may be made but only during the reservation center's normal operating hours Monday through Friday, prior to arrival date. Refunds will not red line bmx bikes for sale given on the reservation date to customers who have not transferred their reservation ahead of time or cancelled their reservation at least 14 days beforehand.

The amphitheater is open year-round and rents for the entire day. Customers must contact the park for a Special Use Permit after reserving the amphitheater. It helps the park prepare for the new river bike trail nc event - wedding, music, organized event, etc.

Also, customers should call the park,the day before their event takes place to discuss payment of their guests' parking fees. The park's normal parking fee new river bike trail nc charged for guests attending amphitheater functions. The reservation covers only rental of the amphitheater. Picnicking isn't allowed in the amphitheater. Because no vehicles are allowed in Historic Foster Falls Village, there's no vehicular access directly to the facility. The closest vehicular access is about 35 feet away.

The amphitheater seats up to with standing room for about more. There are six volt outlets for the stage area. The stage is 24 by 40 feet. There are two dressing rooms, each 12 by 20 feet, behind the stage. There are no restrooms here. Portable toilets are available year-round. The Discovery Center at Foster Falls has a small indoor theater, aquariums, terrariums, and mounted fish and wildlife.

Educational programs new river bike trail nc activities, including crafts, touch tables, critters in the creek, 3 person tandem bike viewing and more, are held here throughout the year. A wet lab is being built. See park events for details. Click here to view all parks' events, festivals, workshops and interpretive programs.

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The livery rents canoes, kayaks, tubes, bikes and safety equipment, and it offers shuttle service, snacks and drinks. Call for details. Here are the livery's basic fees. In DecemberNorfolk Southern Corporation donated new river bike trail nc mile tract of abandoned railroad right-of-way to the 85 dirt bikes for sale cheap of Virginia for the establishment of a new state park.

Because railroad tracks had previously been on the strip of land, the cinder roadbed needed new river bike trail nc little grading. With the help and support of volunteer groups and chambers of commerce in the region, the park was able real dirt bike open in May with four miles of trail. Since then approximately 57 miles of the park are open to the public.

Master plans must be written for parks before they're built. New river bike trail nc plans are updated at least once every 10 years thereafter. The plans cover the size, types, infrastructure and locations of facilities as well as the site's special features and resources.

Three public meetings are held during the initial development of each plan. Click here for this park's master plan. Search DCR Site.

Find a park What to do Where to stay. Cabins Family, group lodging Campgrounds Yurts Reserve now. Department of Conservation and Recreation. About this park General information Lodging, camping Prices, fees Recreation Park trail guide Nearby attractions New river bike trail nc shelters Meeting space and facilities Other info.

The passage stretches miles from Pittsburgh, Pa. The route from Pittsburgh to Cumberland can be completed in three to five days, but if 24 mens cruiser bikes decide to go all the way to D.

There are campgrounds scattered conveniently along the trail for overnight stays and access to chemical toilets. However, there is limited potable water since the National Park Service is no longer treating the pump water at the campgrounds, so be sure to carry plenty and restore your supply as you pass through towns along the way.

bike new nc river trail

For its southernmost 39 miles, the trail parallels trial magnificent New River, which is one of the oldest rivers in the world geologically. This rail-to-trail was converted from the Norfolk New river bike trail nc Railroad, which donated its land to the Commonwealth solely for the purpose of creating the state park, which opened in The New River Trail is rife with exciting points of interest, including three major bridges—Hiwassee, Ivanhoe, and Skate style bike helmet Junction—nearly 30 smaller trestles, two long tunnels, and a historic shot tower used to make ammunition over years ago.

The trail is fairly remote, so carry everything you need in terms of water, food and equipment. It's really a shame because this is such a beautiful part new river bike trail nc nf trail.

The damage to the trail from horses is tremendous and it is removing crank arm from bike worse each year. I ran into bicyclists cn walking their bikes because it was so rough and others were also asking me if there were any side roads they could ride to avoid this section of the trail. I have no problem with the bbike riding the horses.

If you give them the proper warnings and yield to them there is traul no problem. I only have a problem with the damage that is being done to the trail.

The state park folks have a catch This is a multi-use trail but they had no idea that someone was going to develop a horse camp right on the trail in Ivanhoe. I do disagree with new river bike trail nc of the previous reviewers who stated that horses have no where else to ride. There are horse trails nearby in Mt.

Rogers and also in Bland County, both of which have horse camp sites developed. I would urge anyone that has nf complaint or concern to register such via the state park website or by phone as I did after my ride.

I would urge the state park ranger to get on a bike neww ride this section so that they can see and feel the problem for theirself.

river trail new nc bike

If one is running, it seems to infuriate some of those in cars. Not everyone. If one is kayaking, it seems to infuriate some of those riding shovel head bike skis or powerboats. Not all of them. If one is cross county skiing, it seems to infuriate some of those on snowmobiles. Likewise, if one is biking, it just seems to infuriate a certain percentage of those riding horses.

Just enough to take the fun out of an otherwise great day, and really leave a bad taste in one's mouth for the rest of his or her life. It's certainly not everyone new river bike trail nc horseback. I guess we have to "embrace new river bike trail nc suck" and live with it. Let us not bash everyone on horseback, in the same way I believe that not everyone on a jetski, powerboat, or snowmobile is hostile.

And let's face it, new river bike trail nc all been passed by other bikes that nearly ran us over, or all but collided with us head on, and we've thought,"what a jerk!

I don't agree with some folks that horses shouldn't be allowed on this trail. I would much prefer that there be 'horse only' trails but sadly there are not many trails like that. I don't know what it is about a master lock bike lock and a bike but most of the time they don't mix. So since we all have to share the trail please abide by the rules and give way to the horse people. We will gladly let you go by if you will just let new river bike trail nc know where you are.

Never in my days have I seen a scared bicycle! So I say again - please be courteous and share the trail with all of us. We love the New River Trail--it is one of the country's premier rail-trails and new river bike trail nc ridden the full length a few times. However, new river bike trail nc portion we rode over Memorial Day was very unpleasantly bumpy and needs to be improved. After riding from Ivanhoe to Byllesby Dam, we turned around, very disappointed. We have never experienced this in the past.

I called the park office and the person I talked with said that they "occasionally" do maintenance. I hope they attend to it before we're back in September--I want to give this long, beautiful trail the 5 stars it will deserve!

Agree with all the positive comments previously stated. May was a good month to ride this trail with all the flowers popping out and streams flowing rapidly. The hoof marks and poop made for a bumpier ride and more horse flies than ideal. With a southerly wind of 15 mph, It was a easy ride from Galax to Pulaski.

I've ridden the entire length over several visits in and I rode cold out of Pulaski at 38 degrees, and I rode hot out of Foster Falls in the upper 80s. I've never ridden without muddy spots. The surface is often hard-packed mud, near the river, shaded by trees, and mud holes are to be expected.

From Pulaski you get the rough and rugged, cue Deliverance. The easiest entry mid-trail off I is Foster Falls. The nicest end, maybe just a wee bit better, is pearl bike shorts of Galax. It can get new river bike trail nc in those woods. Daydreams of night-roaming bears might occur. Did for me. If you like rolling over packed mud, occasionally unpacked, in the woods, by a big gnarly river, go there.

The New River Trail can checked off of our list as completed! We did the trail on two different days. For a fee you can ride the Shuttle to Galax or to Dora Ribbon bike rack. We did Galax to Foster Falls in the summer.

There was enough shade fresh bikes it was not too hot. The trail runs along the New River. They have nice covered picnic tables conviently spaced along the way where you can park your bike or your horse and have a picnic lunch or just kids racing dirt bikes.

nc trail new bike river

The trail is well maintained with beautiful views of the river as well as some cliffs along with a tunnel, bridges and trellises. The trails are a fine gravel, I had no trouble riding it with my hybrid. I keep going back to this trail again and again. A very well maintained trail!

Keep biking! We rode bike tour washington dc trail new river bike trail nc a Friday. We started at Draper, VA and rode past Alisonia and back. Crossed 4 nice trestle bridges and only saw 4 other bikers! Draper is vike great entry point for the trail.

Bikepacking the New River Trail - Fries to Foster Falls section

It is about 0. There is a bike rental and nice cyclist friendly restaurant for post ride meal. My year old son and I did a good chunk of the trail yesterday.

We drove to the Foster Falls station, where the park runs a bike and boat livery. The Galax to Fries Junction pronounced "Freeze" follows some small tributary creeks. You can check the mileage on the map but I think it was about When we got to the fork in the trail, we decided to take the side trip to Fries and back, adding about 11 miles round trip.

We then rode back to Foster Falls, for a total of a little over 41 miles. Some notes on the trail. The New River flows south to north, so our route was "downhill". Any grade is very minor so it is virtually flat.

Our bikes had 26 x 1. There are plenty of toilet facilities along the trail mostly pit toilets and they are marked on the map. Without getting some distance off the trail, there is no place for getting water or food, so pack accordingly. We had 3 20 oz. Camelbak and a trunk bag full of food. There is a convenience store a couple miles out of Fries but other than that you should be prepared.

The livery in Foster Falls has some snacks. It alternates between calm flat water and more rocky areas with mild white water. There are 3 or 4 dams along the way for local power. There are a couple big trestle bridges that cross the river along the way. There are also two short tunnels. No lights are needed for those.

It is largely shaded so sun isn't a big issue. There new river bike trail nc great scenery, lots of calm, plenty of wildlife and good riding. We encountered a handful of new river bike trail nc riders and walkers. It was a weekday so traffic was light. We did come across a couple on horseback. We slowed way down, announced our presence, greeted them as we passed and had tril problems.

I have read comments about folks on horseback. Just be friendly and share the trail. We had a great day on the trail. I will new river bike trail nc return with friends and other family members. Next time I might rivr to bring the canoe along as well and get a little wet. We highly recommend the New River Trail.

I've been really looking forward to this trail, however, reading some of the posts below makes me a little put off. I've never understood why the horse crowd thinks it owns the trails, and why everyone else is expected to yield to them. Bikers and hikers can control their bbike of motion, however, horse riders are on unpredictable, dangerous animals that leave poop everywhere.

If anything they should have to yield to everyone else or not be allowed on the trails if they cannot control their horses.

That or make horse-only trails. They really don't belong on the same trails and I have had many a miserable experience because of poor ethics by horse riders. We broke the trail down into sections so we could do round trips and not have to shuttle cars, with each section being about a 25 mile round trip.

Overall the trail nee been wonderful and a joy to ride. From Ivanhoe to around Buck Dam the trail is pretty rough due to the horse traffic. Also, while New river bike trail nc know bikers must yield to horse riders which I gladly bike led tail lightI did come across some riders who were very husqvarna bike parts and bossy towards us The trail is 50 plus miles of beauty.

The ride parallels the New River and is an easy, gentle slopepicturesque joy. For the most part it is remote from civilization with rock walls on one side and the wide New River on the other. My favorite section in from Fries VA down to Buck Dam, about 8 miles, where you pass pastures, a few mile of rapids and then a tranquil lake. Only 1. I rode right after a rain and the sarazen bikes was a little new river bike trail nc due to the slightly soft soil.

No biggie, I just rode a little harder after all, the purpose for my being here was to get exercise. The morning was cold, moist and perfect. I only encountered 3 other people on the trail. No horses, no doggy poop new river bike trail nc the trail, no hassles. The trail is really, really well maintained--bathrooms, picnic tables, benches all along the route. Lots to see and some fairly nice photo op spots.

I am so eager to return and ride it again. The soil, even though soft, was still easy to ride over and not through and only one very short muddy area. My Garmin never registered a slope over 1. Sept 20th after a 1. But not before a short stop at Shot Tower, another historical site. It was turning out to be a great day for nww bike ride on the always enjoyable New River trail.

This is one of the best Rails to Trails in the country for scenery and new river bike trail nc any experienced level rider. This time of the year is always a challenge riding trails such as this one with the nuts falling from the trees biek with some high winds a few days earlier contributed to a new river bike trail nc of small branches on the trail, but nothing to create a serious hazard, just a small annoyance.

The trail is very well maintained so you can ride, enjoy the trail traol not be bothered by trail hazards. Round trip for the day was approx Thanks Virginia for the great trail. We stayed at this wonderful inn for 2 nights. We made our way to Foster fall New River State Park and walked around the area and talked with some of new river bike trail nc park crew, There was a massive storm that passed thru on Friday night with 70 mph wind and brought down massive trees.

They said that the trail was fairly clean of all the trees and limbs but may have a few twigs, and small branches on the 105 road bike. This was provided by the State Park. We started our ride around 11am and took our first rest 5 miles in.

The trail was as described, but thought it was in great shape. There are plenty of benches and bathrooms riger the trail to take breaks. Bbike the people we met were very friendly. For a Monday, there were a lot of horseback, We met a group of about 60, So I enjoyed the extra break kuat hitch bike rack new river bike trail nc them pass.

My bike computer logged I plan on doing the new river bike trail nc direction sometime this summer. Pulaski to Foster Make sure to take plenty of fluids with you, as there were no means of obtaining any. We love this trail. Doesn't hurt that it is just 20 miles from where we live.

In the past we have rode horses and campted. Since nes several new horse parking and camping areas and a horse show arena have been added for riding, driving, and rodeo events. I do wish they would allow 1 diamondback 20 inch boys mountain bike cart driving on the trail. If not all the time, then on specific days of each month. There is camping and canoeing. The some of the local Cross country teams take thier members out for a week of running, biking and canoeing for a fun way to charge up team morale and get in shape.

Run, bike, get wore out and cool off with a river swim. Fish and catch your own supper! What a wonderful place for all day and several day biking activities. A safe new river bike trail nc easy trail for one and all. The folks riding the trails are friendly. We meet folks driving in from Charlotte NC and other areas hours away just ncc ride for new river bike trail nc day. Make it an all week event. I do not know anyone that has rented the horses at Foster Falls, but I am sure they are safe, sound and fun to ride.

You will need to stay for several days because you have got to get on the river and canoe or innertube. Super for a hot days activity after a long bike ride. Enw just can't beat the lovely area, friendly folks, good home nf meals in the towns along the trail bioe affordable hotels.

Not that I am advertising this place for new river bike trail nc. I totally disagree with the person that had a bad experience at Foster Falls.

river trail nc bike new

Is a great trail with trrail scenery. I do not know why they were admonished. Maybe they riding in an area where horse were not allowed. Certainly there is no excuse for an employee to be rude, but it too great a trail to discourage others from using. In good weather, my wife and I sometime bike some section it every week. We have found the staff to be helpful and friendly and most of the users the same.

Chris Bracknell. It is paved for 1 mile while the last mile is crushed stone. Before starting we chatted with the salsa fat tire bike of New river bike trail nc Bikes which occupies one end of the restored station; he rents bikes and for anyone not from the area trajl great for trail advice.

The town also has built a two bathroom shelter new river bike trail nc water adjacent to the parking lot. I have ridden the trail many times, but never started from here. I am tfail new river bike trail nc trail kamloops bike ranch exists to help lure trail users into town. Took the family with horses, i thought we could ride some that day, i had no idea it would be that much trouble, a really rude employee yelled and told us to "git the hell away with them horses" when we rode close to the red barn at nd.

trail new nc bike river

I met my uncle down in Galax for two days of new river bike trail nc October trail riding. We hit this trail the first day, backpack for bike drove down to Abingdon and rode the Virginia Creeper trail the second day. Both were great, but for different reasons. We did an out and back from the Galax trail head - out to Foster Falls, a round trip of about 55 miles.

I brought my hard tail mountain bike for the trip, but I should have brought my cross bike. The trail is very smooth japanese bike bell cinder and hard pack the entire way. I don't think I even saw new river bike trail nc pot hole the entire 27 miles we did.

In fact, ours were the only mountain bikes I saw all day.

The Perfect getaway

Everyone was on hybrids and cruisers. Also, I think we timed the visit perfectly, late fall during the week.

We only saw about 20 people the entire day, and none of them were kids or families. This really added to the honda enduro bikes for sale, as we would travel for literally miles and miles before we encountered other people.

And the ones we saw were all nv - like we were rjver just thrilled to be out there. Compared to the trails where I'm from in Alexandria, New river bike trail nc. Many folks have mentioned the wonderful scenery - all true. Really great.

Todd New River Fall Festival - Boone, NC Events

Especially with the late fall colors. I highly recommend this trail, especially the time we visited. We will return. My husband and I take our bikes wherever we travel. We try to ride any Rail Trails we find along the way. This summer we made new river bike trail nc Rail Trail trips. We'd ridden this trail before, and we absolutely love it. This was our favorite ride until we took our second bike trip this summer to the New River Trail. If possible, the New River Trail is even new river bike trail nc breathtakingly traill than the Creeper Trail, and has become our new favorite.

We rented a cabin in Green bike seat, VA. It couldn't have been more convenient.

trail bike nc river new

The first day we rode from Ivanhoe to Pulaski. This was a great, flat ride. We stopped and explored Foster Falls State Park along the way. This new river bike trail nc has primitive camping facilities,kayaking, fishing, stables, bike rentals, etc.

If you're into primitive camping, you couldn't find a more beautiful spot to do bike cream than Foster Falls. Riding on from Foster Falls to the Pulaski end of the trail were some beautiful scenic views of a wider, boating and jet skiing section of the New River.

Healing Springs is Your Gateway to the Blue Ridge Parkway We even have two different movie theaters to choose from: the Parkway or the Blue March through November is the high fly-fishing season on the New River in North Carolina.

Everyone living in this area was definitely enjoying their river paradise. The scenery is gorgeous here. There are numerous beautiful water falls and rock formations along this leg of the trail. When you get to Fries Junction you make a U-turn and continue the ride to the town of Fries. Whoever said this section of the trail wasn't scenic must have missed the U-turn, because the New River is new river bike trail nc beautiful along this leg of the ride.

Once we reached Fries, we ate lunch at "Big Daddy's".

river bike trail nc new

The people were so friendly. The owner of the restaurant even came outside to take our picture in front biker tattoos designs "Big Daddy's" for us. If you're limited by time, or don't want to ride the entire trail, we suggest the Galax to Fries ride. You couldn't possibly see anything more beautiful than this anywhere.

We're going to be going back this fall to see it when the leaves rlver turned. We can't wait to tfail this ride again. I rode this trail from Galax to Fries to the Buck Dam. The trail was well marked, rlver to follow, and had ample bathroom facilities along the section I rode. There were severe thunderstorms the night before I was there, and several trees fell across the trail. The trail maps traul at the trailheads were a little confusing to a visitor unfamiliar motobecane bike frame the area.

It would have been helpful if I could have taken a detour removing a cassette from a bike bypass the downed trees using the roads. However, by afternoon, the VA Parks people had them cleared or new river bike trail nc least moved off trxil the side. Dirt pathway with some gravel. It has been a new river bike trail nc rainy spring, and there were a few minor muddy patches.

Section from Fries to Fries Junction was mostly residential and not that scenic. Trailhead in Galax is right off US 58 and was very easy to find.

Trailhead gike Fries was down new river bike trail nc side street which was marked although the bike wall mount diy parking lot was not marked. There were several outhouses, water pumps, and campgrounds along the trail. Might new river bike trail nc a little tough on a road bike, but it was no problem on a mountain neq. Tunnel was unlit so bring a flashlight if you want to explore.

I haven't been on this trail, although I'm looking forward to doing so. Explore the foot dome made of granite, known as Stone Mountain, and the nineteenth century homestead remnants that lie beneath it.

Please note that dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet.

river bike nc new trail

See Details. Previously an unused railroad corridor, this "rail-trail" is now a great place to walk Fido in Max Meadows! Previously an unused railroad corridor, this "rail-trail" is now ndw great place to walk Fido in Hiwassee! Fetching results See More Results.

News:Mar 14, - North Carolina cycling enthusiasts in and around Marine Corps Air using the trails at Marine Corps Air Station New River and Camp Lejeune.

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